Home searching, reimagined.

We provide you a curated list of homes, made just for you.
Find the perfect home in minutes.

A better way to find your next home

A better way to find your next home

Advanced filters

Need to have that in-ground pool, over-sized windows, and stainless steel appliances? All of that, without hours of searching.
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Listings made for you

Listings are curated and recommended based on what you need and what you want.
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High-quality listings

Tired of incoherent descriptions and poor-quality images? Listing data is automatically transformed and sorted based on quality.
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How it works

Home searching is time consuming, stressful, and frustrating with the number of irrelevant, low-quality results returned. We have a way to fix that.

1. Fill out a home match quiz

Identify what you do and don’t like, and what you’d want in a future home. Love a particular style? Choose some photos that match what you love – and we’ll find the perfect new home for you.

2. Search for homes

Hate filters and confusing menus? So do we. Instead, try something like “I want a modern home with 4 beds and 3 baths, an inground pool, tall ceilings, and an all white kitchen. I’d like a safe neighborhood that’s within 15 minutes of a grocery store.”

3. Get high-quality, relevant listings with your interests in mind

Get a list of homes that are perfect for you. Spend less time looking through pages of listings, and instead focus on making an offer on your new dream home. It’s that simple.

Everything you need, in one place

Tired of having to look all over to know how safe the neighborhood is or if your home will flood? Abode integrates all of that information into each of its listings, plus so much more.

Crime, floods, job markets – be in the know

How well does a property fit into your lifestyle? Abode provides you with all of the information you want – and assesses how appropriate a property is based on your needs.

High-quality, descriptive listings

Traditional listings are hit-or-miss – important information is missing or the agent forgot to add in some features, making it impossible to find through traditional filters. Abode evaluates and transforms data on every listing to make sure that everything is perfect.